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The product contains hyaluronic acid and a variety of skin treatment ingredients. It helps to realize bright, tender and hydrated skin in eye zone.


Help the skin conceal and moisturize, moisten the skin and isolate, brighten the skin color evenly,

 lightweight and breathable, make the skin delicate and soft, full of luster sensation.

  • Brand : Rorec
  • Net Weight : 5ml
  • Quantity : 5 Pcs
  • Ingredients : Gels
  • Item Types : Nail Polish
  • Feature:
    Best quality control to ensure high quality polish.
    Wears like Gel, off in minutes.
    Long lasting for at least 2-3 weeks, fantastic and super bright nails for you.
    Net Wt: 5x5ml
1. The color is full, it is not easy to discolor, and it can be utilized to change the eyebrow color to match the hair color and make-up. The color is soft and natural.
2. Exquisite pencil head, naturally smudged eyebrow color, double-head pencil design for multi-purpose,
 it is smooth to use, no caking, waterproof and makeup meltdown proof, depicting natural eyebrow shape.

ROREC Lavender Steam Heat Goggley Relieve Eye Fatigue Eye Mask Eye Skin Care 

100% brand new and high quality!
Sweet gift for you and your family!
Material: iron powder, water, non-woven
Product performance: the average temperature of 41 degrees, duration 20-30 minutes
Valid for three years.
Scope of application: before bed, by plane, train, office, rest time can be used.
Eye Mask using natural environmental non-woven breathable, user-friendly broadband design easy to adjust the elastic, exquisite design of the cut to bring you a comfortable feel.
The use of advanced natural heating temperature control technology, in the Eye Mask on both sides, through the air in the water and metal powder combined to form a heating body,the body of heating water evaporation, generate tiny warm.
SPA for your eyes, promote eye blood microcirculation, improve skin metabolism, dilute the eye pigmentation and dark circles, to alleviate the daily eye fatigue, to help restore sleep.
Flavor: No fragrance,Lavender flavor,Chamomile flavor,Rose fragrance
Style: Hanging ear type

Efficacy: Moisturizing, Nourishing, Hydrating, Refreshing, Whitening, Brightening, Concealing


Main Ingredients: Oat Avena Sativa, Seven Vitamin Complexes including Vitamin H, B1, B2, B3, B6, Yeast Polypeptides, Hyaluronic Acid


Usage: After cleansing, in the final stage of basic skin care, take appropriate product and apply evenly on the tip of the nose, face, forehead, chin and gently tapping massage until completely absorbed.


Notes: As everyone's skin type is individual to them, it is recommended to test the product prior to applying product.


Rice White Skin moisturizing set  contains articles, massage skin, can clean the old waste cutin, make skin smooth, glossy, contains moisturizing ingredients, also can be a very good caress skin, soft skin, hydrating, activating nourishing, moisturizing , chamfer, shrink pores, brighten skin , improve skin condition


Night time hydrating and moisturizing sleep mask, extract plant essence, mild texture, cream is delicate, night moisturizing and moisturizing skin of beauty sleep, let you wake up in the morning, moisturizing and beautiful muscles.

  • Product Name : ROREC Aloe Vera Facial Cleanser
  • Category : Skin Care
  • Variation :-
  • Colour : N/A
  • Capacity (Weight/Size) : 100g
  • Type : Paste
  • Application/Function : Cleanse, Mooisturizing
  • Area/Segment : Facial
  • Product Name : ROREC Aloe Vera Foaming Facial Cleaner Silicon Brush
  • Category : Skin Care
  • Variation :-
  • Colour : N/A
  • Capacity (Weight/Size) : 120ml
  • Type : Liquid
  • Application/Function : Cleansing, Brushing
  • Area/Segment : Facial

Contains rose extract, dissolve the makeup that is not easy to fall of, cleans the skin dirt, removes makeup and refreshes without greasy, refreshes the water and comforts the skin, gives the skin a gentle and cleansing, contains moisturizing ingredients, makes the skin supple and radiant, refreshing and clean.


Vitamin species, fine soft foam, mild cleansing facial dust and excess oil, moisturizing skin care all spa cleansing treats skin like you can enjoy a tight, clean, soft creamy soft cleansing experience.


Product Name : ROREC Hand Cream 50g

Category : Skin Care


Variation :-

Colour : N/A

Capacity (Weight/Size) : 50g

Type : Liquid

Application/Function : Protect dry hand, Smoothen skin

Area/Segment : Hand


Delicately touch every tiny eyelash, prevent smudge, do not take off makeup, butterfly eye makeup is beautiful and moving


Contains mild makeup remover ingredients, gently removes makeup, gently dissolves makeup, gently completes the makeup removal steps, and leaves the skin hydrated and clean

100% Brand New.
Non-Comedogenic & Hypo-Allergenic
Deflects Light to Conceal Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Achieve a flawless look every time you apply your makeup.
Color: Show as the pictures
Method of use:
After using the bottom of the BB cream or makeup before the render, appropriate. 
use of this product, uniform printed all over the face
Kindly Note:
1. Please do not for purposes other than makeup.
2. Please do not put in direct sunlight or temperature is too high or too low.
3. Keep out of the reach of children.
4. Cosmetics use process, such as abnormal situation, please be suspended.
5.All pictures are taken in real items. Because of shoot, the display or other reasons, 
 the picture and material object may have slight difference , 
 please subject to material object.

Product Name : Rorec Moisturizing Makeup Cosmetics Remover 25pcs


Category : Facial Care




Variation :-


Colour : N/A


Capacity (Weight/Size) : 90mm x 200mm x 25pcs


Type : Sheet


Application/Function : Cleansing Face Makeup 


Area/Segment : Facial


Beauty, whitening, easy to absorb, add skin moisture, help improve uneven skin color, nourish whitening, so that the skin from the inside of the skin, moisturizing, huanlang no time to glory.

  • Product Name : ROREC Natural Essence Facial Mask 
  • Category : Skin Care
  • Variation :-
  • Colour : N/A
  • Capacity (Weight/Size) :
  • Type : Pomegranate, Aloe Vera, Olive, Honey, Seaweed, Blueberry, Green Bean, Cherry Blossom
  • Application/Function : Moisturizing, Soothing, Brightening
  • Area/Segment : Facial\


How to use:
1.  To have a facial cleaning.
2.  Open the package and placed the mask on your face.
3.  Take off the mask after 15-20 minutes.
4.  Gently massage you face until the liquid on the face being absorbed.


Gift Set with Cleanser, Toner, Lotion, Cream, Essence

  • Product Name : ROREC Rice White Facial Mask
  • Category : Skin Care
  • Variation :-
  • Colour : White
  • Capacity (Weight/Size) : 25g
  • Type : Mask
  • Application/Function : Whitening & Soothing
  • Area/Segment : Facial
  • [Product efficacy]
  • Enriched with snail secretion filtrate, the product is fresh and oil-free with light and silky texture, which leaves sleek skin condition by applying the cream. The product glides easily on the skin with good absorption and sustains skin moisture.
  • [How to use]
  • 1. Cleanse you face with warm water.
  • 2. Apply appropriate product onto face.
  • 3. Massage your face gently.
  • 4. Cream can be absorbed gradually.
  • Usage Steps:
  • Take appropriate amount of this product evenly applied to your face and neck (except eyes and lip) , massage for a minute to allow the skin to absorb the nutrient. The effect will be better if often use it.
  • Suggestion: please try to use this product on the ear back skin. If there is any abnormal reaction or discomfort, please stop using or ask doctors for suggestion. For sensitive skin, please use with caution.
  • Please put this product where is dry and cool. Avoid the high temperature and direct sunlight.
  • [Net weight]
  • 50g

Product Name : Rorec SPF 50 UV Sun Protection Water Resistance


Category : Skin Care




Variation :-


Colour : N/A


Capacity (Weight/Size) : 80ml


Type : Liquid


Application/Function : Protect against UV or Sun


Area/Segment : Facial and Body



Glycerin, rice flour, iodopropynyl butylcarbamate, propylene glycol, bis (hydroxymethyl) imidazolidinyl urea, disodium EDTA, flavors, sodium hyaluronate, glycosyltrehalose, PEG-40 hydrogenated sesame oil.

[Product efficacy]

Contains white rice germ essence, to help nourish and moisture skin, replenishment and moisturizing, to make skin shiny moist soft and tender.

Help to nourish eye skin, hydrating and let eyes to be bright.

[How to use]

Facial serum:

1. After the normal facial cleaning procedure.

2. Use the palm of hand or make-up cotton to apply appropriated amount to the face.

3. Don’t give pressure to the skin, gently use the pulp to play small circles.

Tips : Recommended daily use 2 times (morning and night) adhere to continues use, to help and improve skin.