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The above 2 types of eye mask you wont miss out for your daily needs. Ingredients from the nature, with high-density plant collagen and transparent mask releasing technology, quick absorbed by skin and not Greasy, providing the nutrients and moisture needed.  The absorption rate of this product is more than 98%. 



1. Stored in a dry, dark place.

2. Avoid contact with the wound.

3. Any adverse reactions, stop using.

4. Sensitive skin should test before using.


Conceal - Conceal pores evenly and moisten

Brightening - Brighten, natural and shine

Moisturizing - Moisturizing your look

Softening - Softening your skin

Thin and Light - Comfortable, fresh and soft

Isolating - Isolate your skin from the affect of environment


This product can deeply clean the oil, remove excess oil from the face, and control the balance of the water and oil components of the skin.

This product can penetrate deep into the pores, clear the dirt inside the pores, pimples and blackheads, thus reducing the pores and making the skin more delicate.



  • Effective regulation, balanced facial oil secretion

  • Shrink pores, improve skin elasticity

  • To keep the face clean and fresh

  • Rid of acne, acne marks and repairing damage to the skin

  • Repair uneven rough, making skin smooth and delicate

  • Description:

  • Type: Moisturizer, acne scar removal

  • Cream Color: White

  • Apply Area: Face

  • Efficacy:acne / anti acne, moisturizing, replenishment

  • Net Weight: About 30g

  • Validity: 3 years

  • Using method:

  • Can be used in the whole day

  • After cleansing, take appropriate acne cream for acne and acne parts evenly

  • Gently massage to help absorb


100% Brand new and high quality!

There is no pain and full face available.

You don not need to worry about the black head problem.

The absorption of acne and contractive pore.

Oli control and bright and clean your skin



1. Oil-control, anti-ageing, acne treatment, pore cleaner

2. Cleaning out of dirt and cuticle effectively on face

3. This great blackhead remover helps to remove stain or oil spots on your face with daily use

4. Perfect match with any casual outfitImproving the blood circulation of your face by this mask. Help to keep your face smoother and tender




Variation :-


Colour : N/A


Capacity (Weight/Size) : 60ml


Type : Liquid


Application/Function : Peel off black head, white head


Area/Segment : Facial and Skin

  • Brand:        BIOAQUA
  • Origin:        China
  • Ingredients:        Water, glycerin, stearic acid, palm acid, myristic acid, lauric acid, aloe extract, collagen amino acids, butylene glycol, trehalose, potassium hydroxide, propylene glycol, bis (hydroxymethyl) imidazolidinyl urea , iodopropynyl butylcarbamate esters, flavors
  • Shelf life:        3 years
  • Net Weight:100g
  • Quantity:1PCS
  • Description:
  • Item type:Face Cleanser
  • Shelf life: three years
  • Ingredients: Aloe Vera Extract
  • Skin Type: General
  • Net content: 120ml
  • Package Include:
  • 1xFace Cleanser

Gentle and clean, more gentle without teasing

Amino acid cleansing cleansing cream, compared with general facial cleanser, most people with skin intolerance said that it is gentler, more stable, and not irritating after use.


Cleans dirt and cares for the stratum corneum

Amino acids and other nutrients can gently cleanse the skin and keep the skin radiant and moisturized.


100% brand new and high quality!

Nourish the skin, add the required water

Moisturizing, moisturizing the skin smooth

Mention beautiful,protect wet


The texture is light and not heavy

Moisturizing and not greasy, moisturizing and not drying

Gentle care, making lips soft and moist

Sweet and peachy fruity, pleasant fragrance


Advice :

- Can not be used to scratch the skin, otherwise it is likely to cause damage to the wound

- Not recommended for the face, which will cause sweating can not be ruled out, resulting in unwanted effects on the face

- Before applying this product, first wipe off the sweat with absorbent paper

  • Moist texture
  • Light delicate and not greasy
  • Replenish moisture and nutrients for skin
  • Gentle care of skin.
  • Nourishing and replenishment
  • Help moist skin to solve the dry problem
  • Let the skin to be more beautiful in the delicate and smooth nourishing
  • After using the cream Skin become transparent Watery and beautiful
Brand Name:BIOAQUA
Package Included:
Blueberry Miracle   Cleansing Cream   100g
Blueberry Miracle Toner 120ml
Blueberry Miracle Essence milk 120ml 
Blueberry Miracle   Essence   Cream 50g
Whitening Skin BB Cream 40g
Product Features:
1. Moisturing The Skin And Make Skin White And Tender
2. Firming The Skin
3. Oil Control
4. Shrink Pores And Anti-Aging
5. Enhance Skin Repair Ability 
6.      Fashion Exquisite Product Packaging, It Is Suitable As A Gift To The Beauty Of The Ladies
How To Use:
1. Wash face with warm water ,flush the surface d  irt and dust
2. Apply the cream evenly to the center of your hand
3. Gentle massage from cheeks ,forehead other parts of beginning
4. Thoroughly clean face clean the face thoroughly washed bubble 
5. Dry water dry face with dry towel other nursing care

Blueberry Anthocyanin rich botanical nourishment :

1. Extract botanical essence

2. Prevent any harms

3. Care tender skin

4. Nourish skin skin is smooth



- Botanical Composition

- Food Grade Ingredients

- Alcohol-free

- Does not contain toxic

- No artificial colour



1.Containing pomegranate ingredient, the soft and light texture can help moisten dry skin, make skin smooth and tight.

2.Containing Cherry blossom ingredient, the soft and skin-friendly texture can replenish moisture for dehydrated skin, make skin moist and glossy.

3.Containing Green Tea ingredient, fresh and elegant, make skin refreshing and clean skin at the same time.


Contains cherry blossom and exfoliating ingredients, gently softens skin keratin, exfoliates aging skin and nourishes skin

  • Product Description:
  • 2Pcs BIOAQUA Exquisite And Delicate BB Cushion Cream
  • Product Features:
  • -Natural soft colors
  • Natural pink color embellishment cheek, like a natural shy slightly exposed.
  • -Light and smooth powder
  • Light air cushion blush. The fine powder to make blush pink in natural skin.
  • -Hydra soft puff
  • Dual structure puff, can be freely controlled blush with, simple and convenient, easy to use.
  • How to use:
  •  1:Press air cushion blush with puff gently.
  •  2:To apply 1/2 blush on puff.
  •  3:
  • -For oval face
  • Use the puff, gently pat on the cheekbones, make makeup more attractive.
  • -For round face
  • Use the puff to slash the direction by gently tapping the cheekbones after the site, to create
  • thin makeup.
  • Gender:female
  • Brand Name:BIOAQUA
  • Package Included:
  • 2×Bioaqua BB cream


1. Natural,Waterproof ,Concealer,Brighten

2.High Quality ,professional foundation

  • Product Name : BIOAQUA Eye Essence Assential Roller
  • Category : Skin care
  • Variation :-
  • Colour : N/A
  • Capacity (Weight/Size) : 15ml
  • Type : Skin Care
  • Application/Function : Roller massage, reduce eye bag, moisturize
  • Area/Segment : Lower eyelid

Double-headed design, three-dimensional makeup, one stick can do it.
Modified face, so that your facial features more profound three-dimensional charming.
You can use it to draw elegant sexy clavicle and full of charming chest.
Delicate texture smooth, easy to stretch, simple smear, easy makeup.
Concealer to help cover small flaws.
Three classic colors, to meet the needs of a variety of skin color.
No skills, easy to show the trend of beauty, novice also applies.
Fashion beautiful packaging, their own and gifts are very appropriate. 

  • Efficacy: 
  • nourish hair, make hair dry frizz soft and shiny.
  • Ingredients: 
  • water, fruit fat, cetyl stearyl alcohol, ginger juice, glycerin, vitamin E, disodium, citric acid, flavor, shea butter, triglyceride
  • How to Usage: 
  • after washing hair, the hair is blown to 8 into dry, coated with hair and hair, wait 10-15 minutes, wash.
  • Product name: Natural Ginger Shampoo
  • specification: 400ml
  • Product effect: ginger extract, fresh and not greasy, mild natural hair, bright, after using hair is not greasy, growth health, and anti hair loss
  • shelf life: 3 years
  • Effect: nourish scalp,repair damage hair,surplus hair
  • Usage:
  • step1:with a comfortable temperature, from the root to the hair tail hair
  • steps 2: the amount of a shampoo, hair evenly gently rub the foam, massage hair
  • steps 3: hand assiasted shampoo rinse can be

Hydrating, moisturizing, bright and smooth help to improve eye skin dehydration and dryness. Contains sweet-scented osmanthus extract, replenishes eye skin moisture, moisturizes eye skin ans makes eye skin moist, smooth and delicate.


Beautify the forehead curve, shape full hair. Gently patted, you can modify the uneven hairline edge. Natural soft colors, natural color and hair color intergration.


Note: 1.If you have any skin discomfort,please stop using it. 2.Due to the different display and different light,the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. 3.Storage Condition: Please place in a cool place and avoid direct sunlight.


Apart from our faces, the skin on our hands is the most exposed to environmental stressors on a daily basis. From handwashing to UVA/UVB rays to daily wear and tear, our hands go through the wringer. The underside (or the palmar surface) is quite thick and resilient, but the upper side (the dorsal surface) is inherently thin and continues to lose collagen and elastin as we age. We also start to see less activity from the sebaceous glands. All this is to say the skin becomes drier and weaker, leading to the eventual development of wrinkles.

In fact, the skin on our hands is so telling that one study found that participants were able to accurately guess the ages of women by looking at unaltered photos of just their hands. According to researchers, "Fullness and a lack of wrinkles and veins characterized the youngest-looking hands." Hence using collagen-boosting, moisturizing products will help reverse translucency and smooth signs of skin degradation. So in addition to lathering up with hand cream and SPF, you might also consider a treatment method that concentrates the best skin-loving ingredients on your digits, minus the mess. Meet hand masks, the at-home, spa-like experience that keeps your hands looking younger longer


- Rejuvenation

- Moisturizing replenishment

- Tight and delicate

- Moisturizing the skin

- Make skin supple and shiny


- Rejuvenation

- Moisturizing replenishment

- Tight and delicate

- Moisturizing the skin

- Make skin supple and shiny


Product information

Name: horse oil replenishment sparking mask

Product net: 30g

Function: hydrating moisture, improve dry skin, supply water for skin, tender and smooth,

often use, skin become moisture and bright.

Contains rich moisturizing and hydrating essence, light texture, easy to be absorbed by the skin, adequately moisturizing the eye area, relieving the rough, tight, dull and other problems of the eye area caused by dryness, making the skin around the eyes firm and smooth, moisturizing and delicate.

Product Name : Bioaqua Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes 9x20cm x 25pcs

Category : Skin Care


Variation :-

Colour : Neutral

Capacity (Weight/Size) : 9x20cm x 25pcs

Type : Fibre

Application/Function :Cleansing

Area/Segment : Facial

Product Features :
1. Lightweight and comfortable to wear
2. Velvet matte texture,smooth
3. Long lasting and waterproof,permanent
4. High Pigmentation
5. 6 colors to choose,suit for every occasion or style of makeup
6. Portable and convenient to use
  • 100% brand new and high quality.
  • Only For Men, Deep Cleansing.
  • Nourish the skin, add the required water.
  • Moisturizing, Oil Control, Helps improve skin dryness.
  • Nourishing, Hydrating, Moisturizing, Brighten Skin.
  • Features: 100% brand new and high quality!
  • Only For Men, Deep Cleansing,
  • Nourish the skin, add the required water Moisturizing, O
  • il Control, Helps improve skin dryness
  • Nourshing, Hydrating, Moisturizing, Brighten Skin

- Penetration and maintenance

- Care for the bottom of the skin

- Dilute fine lines, dry lines 

- Improve skin gloss and hydration


Moisturize and moisturize skin, help to improve skin dehydration and dryness, moisturize skin tone, make skin transparent, tender and plump. Adhere to morning and evening use, skin moist soft, full of youthful luster.


Product Name : Bioaqua Moisturizing Improve Dark Eye Circle And Reduce Eye Lines


Category : Eye Care




Variation :-


Colour : N/A


Capacity (Weight/Size) : 15ml


Type : Sheet


Application/Function : Moisturizing, Anti Wrinkle, Reduce Dark Circle


Area/Segment : Eye


- Nourishes skin. Supplements skin with essential moisture and retains it in skin.

- Softening. Nourishes and softens skin, making it soft and silky.

- Mild and delicate care. Gently cares for sensitive skin, has a non-sticky texture, doesn't clog the pores of skin.


Cherry Blossom - Pleasant fragrance, pleasant to mind and body.

Jasmine - Jasmine fragrance refreshing and clean.

Osmanthus - Fresh osmanthus fragrance Flowers nourish the skin.


· Do not use when the skin has wounds, eczema, redness and swelling

· If you feel unwell after use, please suspend use or consult a dermatologist

· If it gets into your eyes accidentally, please don't rub your eyes, please rinse with plenty of water, if you still    feel unwell, please consult a doctor as soon as possible

· Keep out of reach of children


Selection of natural sweet-scented osmanthus petals, contains sweet-scented osmanthus petals essence, moisturizing and smooth skin, dry and dry skin to add water to help improve the skin dry and dry, delicate skin care, skin hydration, so that the skin moist and full.


Pomegranate --- Red pomegranate essence helps to lock water into the skin, skin feels elastic, smooth and tender.

Cucumber --- Contains cucumber extract, fresh and moist, help to improve dry skin condition, make your skin smooth and supple.

Honey --- Extraction from honey nourish and delicate, make skin smooth and tender, moist and plump.

Olive --- Contains rich olive nourishing ingredients, moisture and making skin soft and shiny.

Aloe Vera --- Aloe extract and vitamins moisturize the skin, repair and help improve skin dryness.

Blueberry --- Known as ‘golden berries’ contains rich blueberry lactic, rich in vitamins and beautify skin.


- Brand New & High quality.

- Portable size, easy to carry.

- 24 Hours Long-lasting, Waterproof.

- Sweat-proof Soft Smooth

- Suitable for professional use or home use.


Contains natural plant extracts, replenishes the moisture required by the skin, refreshes and moisturizes, helps to improve the dryness and lack of water in the skin, makes you delicate and supple, charming and charming like a girl.


Main ingredients:
Olive extract, Laurel and Citric acid.

1) Natural,NO Silicone Oil , improve the head itching, moisture and nutrition, moisturizing, hair damage repair, thick and fluffy, moist, deep clean, dandruff, salubrious oil-control
2) Conditioner Efficacy: nourish hair, make hair dry frizz soft and shiny.

Usage method:
1) According to the length of the hair, take 10 to 20 ml hair shampoo products, applied to the sparse and massage a few minutes, then wash clean will be OK, after washing hair, the hair is blown to 8 into dry, coated With hair and hair, wait 10-15 minutes, wash.
2) Dosage: Recommended 2-3 times / day, 1-2ml / times.