MONKIDS Cotton Pads Non-woven Cleansing Makeup Remover (thin 400 pcs & thickened 70 pcs)
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Brand Monkids
Size (L x W x H) 16.5 cm x 10.5 cm x 7 cm
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Materials: Non-woven  and cotton

Materials: Non-woven  and cotton
Skin type: All skin types

Gender: Unisex 

  • Made of pure cotton non-woven fabric, soft and comfortable, mild and non-irritating, clean and sanitary
  • It is used for facial cleansing, makeup removal, etc. It is soft to the touch, comfortable to the skin, and deeply cleanses the pores of the skin.
  • It can be wet and dry for makeup removers, skin care, nail removers and more.
  • Skin care and maintenance: After cleansing, use cotton pads to dipped in an appropriate amount of lotion, essence or lotion, and pat it gently for daily care and maintenance of the skin.
  • Face Makeup Remover: Pour a cotton pad on an appropriate amount of liquid makeup remover and wipe it around the cheeks to remove facial makeup
  • Nail polish remover: use a liquid remover product to put on a cotton pad, and leave the nails in the bag for a while to remove the nail polish.

Package included: thin 400 pcs & thickened 70 pcs *box

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Package included: thin 400 pcs & thickened 70 pcs *box

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