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Mini Nano Mist Sprayer 30ml USB Rechargeable Moisturizing Auto Spray
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It makes your skin full of elasticity and moisture with ultra high speed vibration technology named "Super Long Wave" providing your skin best moisturizers and allows skin to be easily absorbed to receive several nutritions from mineral water.

The most stylish slider Nano Mist sprayer with Super Nano cluster size that is 10 times smaller than ordinary Nano Spray

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Product Information :

Product Name : Mist Sprayer

Model : W-718B

Spray amount of : 1.25-1.4 / minutes 

Spray Termal : Cool Spray

Water Storage Capacity : 30ml

Heavy : 51g

Charging Method : USB

Colour : White, Black, Blue, Pink, Light Pink


Features :

1. Continuous spraying will not stop (about 1 minutes or so)

2. Ultra-quiet sprayer

3. Can put disinfectant alcohol (please pay attention to dilution 1:25 / liquid will not be sticky after being diluted)

4. Help to dilute the baby's sputum --- After spraying, the snot can be sucked out better

5.Suitable for Home, Travel, Car, Room, Office, Public Area, and Clothing disinfection.

Compact Design : Slim and portable enough to carry in your pocket.

USB Rechargeable : Helps you enjoy a sanitizing disinfection anytime, anywhere.


Machine maintenance :

1. "With after please timely clean instrument to prevent oil pollution and other dirt precipitation, with soft of a damp cloth clean products surface then will the dry.

2. do not "with essential oil gasoline or corrosion of cleaner clean plastic parts.

3. do not will products in high temperature wet of environment under so as not to affect the use effect.

4. instrument long time don't "with please will water tank cleaning clean in store in a dry and cool place.

5. water Tank in the water please one-time run out is strictly prohibited night "with or spray mouth easy to is blocked.

6. charging when is strictly prohibited "with charging time is strictly prohibited more than 12 hours.


Usage Method :

1. Charging : USB charging hole is on the bottom of the device, keep charging on more than 3 hours.

2. Add Water : Rotating to open the water tank, filling with the mineral water, and then rotating to close water tank.

3. ON/OFF Button : Press the ON/OFF button one time to turn on, press again to turn off.

NOTE : It will show blue light during spraying, and show red light during charging, and turn off the light automatically when full charged.

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Mini Nano Mist Sprayer 30ml USB Rechargeable Moisturizing Auto Spray